Contact us if you are interested in having brief alerts for important topics on the Deschutes County Commissioner agendas!

To view the Board Agenda Packet for the upcoming meetings and detailed Staff Reports on specific issues:

– Go to

– Click on the Agenda Packet for the specific meeting date you’re interested in

– Click on the number for the agenda item you are interested in in the packet to scroll directly to that staff report

To attend a Board meeting, virtually or in person and provide public comment verbally: 

– For each meeting there is a Zoom link on the front page of the Agenda in the board packet. Cut and paste to a browser to join and attend virtually

– Meetings are held at 1300 NW Wall Street in the Barnes and Sawyer Rooms. Typically, Monday meetings are at 1 pm and Wednesday meetings are at 9 am. 

– Currently, you can provide public comment for up to 3 minutes on any topic that is not on that day’s agenda. You are still welcome to attend that day and let Commissioners know that you are watching what they are doing …

To provide public input to Commissioners before or after a Board meeting on issues or their votes:  

– Emails sent to will be seen by all three Commissioners, must be acknowledged at the beginning of Board of Commissioners meetings, and will be entered into the public record. 

– Phone numbers and direct email addresses for each of the Commissioners can be found here: