District employees break down the process, all of the work and the checks, parental, & community review opportunities which go into adopting curriculum! FYI, over 500 combined hours have been spent reviewing this material by Redmond School District staff, teachers, parents & community members! The review of Tumalo rollout of this curriculum is reviewed in this presentation. Something that really stood out to me was that this curriculum has bulletins and materials that come home so that parents and families can interact and discuss the lessons together! The material is also available in both English & Spanish! Each lesson plan is also sent home with a form that parents can choose to opt out of the lessons individually if they would like to. During the rolls outs, only a single digit number of students were opted out of only 2 of the lessons, which were Erin’s Law & Personal Safety, no one opted out of the entire curriculum! The Board is set to vote on The Great Body Shop elementary curriculum at the 6/22/22 Board Meeting. Please thank the School District employees for their transparency in how materials are chosen and reviewed, how the district reached out to parents & the community to review The Great Body Shop Health materials, and for their work in providing the children of Redmond School District a quality and up to date education! Did you know that the current curriculum was adopted in 2003?