Suburban Woman Podcast: Let’s Talk About Sex Ed

On this episode of the pod, Amanda Weinstein, Jasmine Clark, and Rachel Vindman talk about sex, baby… comprehensive sex education, that is! Sex ed overlaps with every other issue we’ve been discussing this year: book bans, abortion rights, trans kids, accusations of “grooming,” even gun violence. It’s clear that right-wing politicians care more about maintaining power than they do about the lives and well-being of kids.

The hosts exchange stories of what they learned in sex ed and talk about why comprehensive sex ed (especially teaching consent) is so important. In fact, Jasmine has pushed for a bill in the Georgia legislature that would require consent to be taught during sex ed. (To no one’s surprise, the GA Republicans refused to even discuss the issue.)

Then we’re joined by Christine and Shannon Curley, a mother/daughter duo who host a podcast called Sex Ed Debunked. Shannon and Christine discuss the shortcomings of American sex ed programs and why it’s important to include respect, consent, body autonomy, gender identity and sexual orientation – at age appropriate levels. Shannon also chats about what it’s like to host a podcast about sex with her mom! If you want to check out Sex Ed Debunked, you can find it on all major podcast platforms.

After that, Rachel sits down with Jess McIntosh. Jess is a communications consultant, the co-host of Signal Boost with Zerlina Maxwell, and has been working with Advocates for Youth to stand up for abortion access, LGBTQ rights, and honest sex ed. Jess and Rachel discuss why the radical right has been using sex ed to scare suburban moms, what it means to be non-binary, the weirdest thing about being a commenter on CNN, and so much more.

Finally, Amanda, Jasmine and Rachel raise a glass to military veterans and the start of summer in this week’s “Toast to Joy.”

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