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Resist Bot is a really cool texting app that helps you easily contact your elected representatives! Just text “RESIST” to 50409. ResistBot will help you to find contact information for your representatives and submit your letters to them. The first time that you use it, it takes a few minutes to set up, as it needs to learn your information. After that it is super fast & easy! ResistBot will also submit your letters to the editor of local newspapers or create open letter petitions to representatives for others to sign on to as well.

Check out a current ResistBot petition open letter to Congress regarding Codifying abortion, repealing the Hyde Amendment and replacing it with the Reproductive Justice Act, which secures and provides federal funding for all underserved community members for food, travel, lodging, and abortion care costs. Text “PXOYVY” to 50409 to read it and add your name if you agree!

In closing, it doesn’t matter if you call, write an e-mail, send a fax, or send a text through ResistBot. You should be CONTACTING YOUR REPS EVERY DAY and having personal conversations with your friends and family surrounding Bodily Autonomy & Reproductive Justice!!!!! Let us not allow corpses to have more autonomy & legal protections over their bodies than living humans with wombs.