The BLM protests in the wake of George Floyd’s murder in the summer of 2020 were the catalyst that brought many of us together. We were an organizer of the October 2021 Redmond March for Reproductive Rights, which featured a diverse lineup of awesome speakers representing Central Oregon reproductive freedom and racial justice organizations. Coming to a rally, a march, or a protest is a great way to meet people with similar interests, and use your body to demonstrate support for a cause.  If you are white, your privilege protects you, from violence, from arrest, and from condemnation and harassment so consider (quietly, out of the center of attention) attending events organized by BIPOC groups to use your privilege to shield those around you.

In addition, RCA has helped to support events in Redmond, like CODP’s 2020 BLM & Warm Springs Supply Drive event, and the 2022 Helpers Water Drive. We have created Gratitude Baskets for caregivers at Redmond St Charles ER & ICU frontline worker units; the Flood the Love to Thank Schools Campaign; the Adopt A School Program; the Cold Weather Gear Drive; weekly Redmond Street Kitchen; Vaccine Clinics; NE 17th Street Trash Cleanups; Book Clubs; & Social Gatherings.

If you have an event idea that you are interested in making happen in Redmond around DEI work, community care, local government, community spirit, or the future of Redmond, then please reach out. Let’s see if we can work together to make events happen!