We serve 90 hot meals and 90 to-go lunches every week, in addition to bringing as much direct mutual aid items as possible. That means we always need fruit, string cheese, drinks, and shelf-stable individually wrapped snacks like bags of chips, fruit snacks, and individually wrapped cookies.

We also collect clean, gently used camping gear like tents, sleeping bags, tarps, sleeping pads, camp stoves, water jugs, boots, and camp chairs. Keeping someone warm and dry can make all the difference for the folks living out in the Junipers with the cold weather setting in.

No matter the weather, we’re always on the lookout for dog collars in all sizes, stakes and tie downs, crates to use when the veterinary non-profit visits the camp, harnesses and leashes.

Toiletries and household supplies like baby wipes, toilet paper, razors, shaving cream, dishsoap, bleach, disinfectant sprays, batteries, and first aid items are always needed as well.

Just let us know what you’d like to donate and we will send someone to come pick it up.